Hands On Massage Therapy LTD - Registered Massage Therapy.

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Massage therapy is a holistic and therapeutic treatment essential to establishing and maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Due to the hectic yet stationary environment in today's workplace, muscle fibres tend to contract and shorten leading to acute and/or chronic pain and stiffening in joints, back and major muscle groups.  Massage therapy will help to re-establish and maintain a pain free body by loosening the effected muscle fibres and returning the body to its optimal state of relaxation.

Whether you are experiencing pain or limited mobility from body pains, stress or sports injuries therapeutic massage will assist you in your recovery.

Hands On Massage Therapy LTD., offers treatments from accredited registered massage therapists operating out of two private treatment rooms - 7 days a week - at our clinic located at:

Suite 209
214, 11th Avenue SE
ph. 403.288.4008

Hands on Massage Therapy LTD., also provides corporate on-site massage treatments and will bring a massage chair or massage table to your location (dependant upon space and preference).

Massage therapy is covered by most benefit plans. We offer direct billing for most health spending plans, please see Benefit and Insurance Accounts on the left side tab to see if your insurance is on the list. If you are unsure of whether your claim will be covered and want to use our direct billing option, please contact tammy@handsonmassagetherapy.ca.